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A month ago I had to travel to Syracuse to do a wedding anniversary shooting. After a 1-hour flight delay because of rainstorms, I was already afraid I might not make it on time. The initial arrival time was 4 o’clock whereas the anniversary celebration was starting at 6. I arrived in downtown Syracuse approximately 5.15, and had to rush to the given address. Luckily, I was not late. I made it 5 minutes before the official start. After numerous phone calls and messages, needless to say, Normans were on the verge of a heartbreak… Oh boy were they happy to see me once I arrived. And that’s how their 25th wedding anniversary celebration started…

After I was done with setting up my photo equipment, I had a couple of glasses of wine together with the guests. Surprisingly, there were not so many of them. Approximately 20 people, all older than 40, were actually quite an enjoyable companionship for the day. I managed to record roughly 2 hours worth of video along with more than 400 pictures of happy Syracusans. Believe it or not, 5 of them got terribly drunk and had to to the emergency hall so the medics could pump out the alcohol out of them. I could not believe my eyes that older people had so much appetite for alcohol. it’s something you rarely get to see nowadays. Luckily, they were back after 1 hour looking sharper than before… but they steered away from alcoholic drinks for the rest of the evening. To summarize my wonderful visit to Syracuse – it was wonderful. I did not have to do plenty of work… And the work that I had done was quite pleasant due to the generosity of my hosts – the happy Norman family. Soon, their daughter Rebecca is turning 21 so they will have yet another celebration, and guess what – they already hired me for it!


The most beautiful family celebrations are always baby showers. There’s just that special buzz in the air because a new life is going to start his chapter in this world. It’s an amazing feeling and I am always very proud to be a part of it, capturing every delightful moment that happens. And trust me, there’s a whole lot of them on baby showers. People are always smiling, looking as beautiful as they can be. It’s as if the baby’s innocence is passed onto them, making them live up to that day as gorgeously as they can. And that’s exactly the best way to describe the Kennedy family’s baby shower that I was on 2 weeks ago. Here’s some more information about it:

The event was scheduled in Buffalo, in Kennedy’s backyard (which is, by the way, one of the biggest backyards I’ve ever seen). It was a very sunny day which was quite surprising since it was just a couple of days before New Year’s eve. Family from all over the States have joined for their celebration. The little Jake managed to unite the whole family before even getting born yet. Kenedy’s are a huge middle-class family (I hope they won’t mind I said that haha) counting a lot of members. They are great people, each and every one of them, which made my job a lot easier. Overall, I have recorded cca 2 hours of footage, of that, 30 minutes was with my drone, Sir Fliesalot. In addition to that, they requested a total of 10 family pictures. Considering they are such a huge family, they had to take turns with photos, which ended up with me holding a giant photo session which lasted for almost half an hour. All things considered, the Kennedies are a great bunch of people and needless to say, it was a pure pleasure working with them!

Last week I was hired to shoot 10th anniversary at the Blanc Venue in Denver. The location is perfect for a wedding or anniversary ceremonies as it is located right in the heart of the Mile-High City, a couple miles north of the Ballpark neighborhood. Mr. and Mrs. Walker are a beautiful young couple (mid 30’s) who arranged quite the spectacle for their 10th year wedding anniversary. They hired Calluna Events to get everything set up, and as you probably already know – if you want an amazing celebration experience, Calluna Events is your go-to planning service. They take care of everything, leaving you with the pleasure of enjoying a beautiful day out with your friends and family. And that’s pretty much what they did for the Walkers.

Blanc is a state-of-the-art venue. As I already mentioned in the introductory paragraph, its great location makes it perfect for all sorts of family celebrations, making it the most popular place in Denver. Combine the venue with the sheer professionalism of Calluna Events’ staff and you are bound to experience nothing but a brilliant organization of a 10 year wedding anniversary. With 3 waiters casually strolling around the guests and filling up their glasses, live musicians entertaining for the better part of the evening… everything was just spectacular. The icing on the cake was me and my beautiful drone, sir Fliesalot. Together, we managed to get some BEAUTIFUL aerial shots that everyone loved. As soon as I emailed them the shots, they started praising me for the quality of my work. Needless to say, I was already blushing at this point and petting my dearest drone like it was a living being. The party lasted way into the night, but unfortunately my last flight was living 15 minutes past midnight so I couldn’t stay longer. They did, in fact, offered me to stay the night in their home, but I could not accept their generous offer. All in all, it was yet another wonderful experience in Denver. Plus, on the way to the airport, I stopped by a dispensary to get medicated… if you know what I mean! 🙂