Hello dear visitors! First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting my humble website. I am a one-man company and believe it or not, this means a great deal for me. Now let me properly introduce myself. My name is Connie Daiman and I am a professional photographer. I have been doing this for a living for roughly 2 years now, and I got to say that I am loving absolutely every part of it. It is a 100% unique profession, unlike anything else. It brings you a chance to meet with a huge number of great people and forever capture some of their happiest family moments. Whether we are talking about baby showers, birthdays, weddings, or any other sorts of anniversaries, people would always love to capture the very essence of their happiness… in digital 4K format. Most of the time I consider myself as Connie, the capturer of People’s Happiness (od dear lord I jus realized how creepy that sounds). But, needless to say, it was not always like this. The very rough start almost made me quite before my photography journey even begun. Luckily, my stubbornness got the better of me and I ended up working very hard in order to get more competitive.

How I Became Competitive

As is the case with most other businesses out there, photography always has a particularly rough start as well. Finding your first few clients is not an overwhelming task because there are always family members or friends who are having some sort of a celebration in the near future. But after I went through my supply of friends and family I was left dry, meaning I had to quickly come up with a new idea that would get me back up and running again. The most brilliant one was buying a drone with camera, that’s for sure! I did not go for a cheap one though, mine costed a hefty amount of money. More precisely, I paid over $1000 for a drone. Even though it was a big one-time investment, it definitely paid off in the long run. I mean, I can use it in real estate business. Today, drones for real estate are extremely popular and there’s a lot of job to do in that industry. In addition to that, I also had to extend my working borders. At first, I was comfortable with working only in the area where I lived. Later on, when I realized that I need to extend my horizons, I started doing gigs all over the State, which quickly increased my budget before I even knew it… But still, the change resulting with that was not even near that which resulted with the introduction of aerial photography once I bought my first drone that can follow me automatically! Here are a couple of words about that!

People Love Aerial Photography

It’s true! Everybody loves aerial photography. Now that I come to think of it, people are pretty much obsessed with it nowadays. I swear to God, every third person that calls me to schedule a gig asks me if I do aerial photos right off the bat. It was surprising at first, but after a couple of gigs, I kind of got used to it. It was then that I realized what a great investment my drone was. It was pretty much a paid off investment after just a couple of months after the purchase. Needless to say, I wouldn’t trade my drone for anything! Now while we are already talking at it, I might as well tell you the name of my drone. It’s called Sir Fliesalot (yup, I gave a name to my drone haha) and it’s basically the awesome Phantom 3 Pro by DJI. With an amazing flight speed, spectacular 4K camera and a battery that lasts up to half an hour per charge, there really aren’t that many better models on the market. Still, in case my dear Sir Fliesalot breaks or just stops working all of a sudden, I will most likely go for another one of DJI’s models, either Phantom 4 or Inspire. It’s still early to talk about that though, since Sir Fliesalot just got out of the warranty period. Hopefully, it won’t break anytime soon!